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Vetiver Production In Garut

Vetiver Production in Garut

Wild Harvest Indonesia is producing  Vetiver essential oil West Java, Garut regency.


We have supplied the local farm community with distillation units to produce Vetiver essential oil on site.


By doing this, it saves the community money and time and ensures that the farmers are able to get fair market value for this oil.


This location is solely focused upon Vetiver essential oil production.


The distillation units at this location were custom made for the production of Vetiver only.


Here, we produce two types of Vetiver, both are low pressure distilled by master distillers.


This is the finest and  the highest quality Vetiver that can be found in Indonesia. We are so pleased with this oil and convinced of the superiority, that we will be happy to send 2ml samples out for free to any business that contacts us with interest in this oil*


We can currently produce 2 tonnes of Vetiver annually from this location.


Produce to order is available starting at 1kg.

Reserves may be available. Please check quantity by emailing an inquiry.


Current price for Vetiver per kg is $377 US(shipping and handling extra).


****Wild Harvest Indonesia GC/MS tests all of our oils by third party labs to ensure purity and the highest quality oils available.


Khusimol: Above 10%





*Limited supplies available and only one order per client.



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