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The Distillation Process For Wild Harvest Indonesia Is Direct Steam Distillation

The distillation process for Wild Harvest Indonesia is direct steam distillation

Our boiler was designed to accommodate the ability to distill four different essential oils simultaneously.

We are producing Patchouli Essential Oil currently at this location and in the future we will produce fresh Ginger, Moringa, and Wild Turmeric.

The production facility  is located in the Banten province near Pandeglang in the heart of natural resources  for the province.

Distillation operations for our Ylang Ylang (Canaga odorata var.genuina) production will be 3 hours to the south, also in the Banten province. Ylang Ylang must be distilled upon site  the same day the flowers are picked to make sure that the highest quality essential oil is produced. This operation will consist of a single distillation unit that also is steam distilled. We will produce from 800 hectares(2,000 acres) of designated lands and existing forests. Harvest of ylang ylang flowers occurs three times per year in Indonesia.

This upcoming Fall(Summer in Indonesia) will start sourcing  steam distilled Vetiver in the province of Garut. Our plans for production and output for this essential oil will be updated on our website this October(2018).

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