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Mission Statement

Our mission at Wild Harvest Indonesia is to ensure that you have the best essential oils and products coming from Indonesia. In doing so we work closely with the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture in the Banten Province to ensure that we only source from lands directly supervised and approved for use by this department.

We do not encroach upon wildlife habitats or delicate ecological systems to obtain our essential oils and products. We are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of wildlife habitats and ecological systems that are approaching endangered status or are currently endangered. To help ensure that this effort continues Wild Harvest Indonesia will DIRECTLY donate 10% of our profits to preservation efforts and projects. We do not contribute to third-party charity organizations to do this. We will witness firsthand, where this money is directed.

Please feel good knowing that a part of your purchase will help us in this mission.

Along with our outstanding group of committed farmers and experienced distillers, our diligent management team keeps the pace and flow of business for our company to ensure that you receive the highest quality essential oils coming from within Indonesia.

Wild Harvest Indonesia is a true distiller direct relationship. We produce the oils we sell.

Wild Harvest Team

Management Team: 

  • Dimas Ardiansyah: Consutlant
  • Mayriana: CFO
  • Michael Roos: CEO and Operations
  • Gary Clemens* Sales/Marketing
  • Wiro: Master Distiller and Field Supervisor
  • Sumarno: Head of Cultivation, Research, and Government Representative for Banten province
  • Ranti: Product Design Indonesia
  • Chairuddin.SH: Legal

Gary Clemens is currently undergoing certification in essential oils with Aromahead Institute under the instruction of Andrea Butje. Please feel free to browse the Aromahead site for further information on the credentials and courses of the school( Level one certification is complete in essential oils.

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