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Wild Harvested Essential Oils
Wild Harvested Essential Oils

Our essential oils are free from pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or any additional growth supplement. Only sunshine and rain and the natural soils are used, the way nature intended.

Local Farmer Sourcing
Local Farmer Sourcing

Our plant material is naturally grown and organic per Indonesian standards. No pesticides, herbicides, or growth additives are used.

Superior Essential Oil
Superior essential oil

Because we harvest our plant material at the peak times and distill close by that we can say with confidence that we offer the highest quality and purity of essential oils from Indonesia.

We are a large cooperative of local growers, government, and professionals in the essential oils* industry offering a direct distiller relationship to our clients.

We are currently producing essential oils in two areas of Indonesia on the Island of Java. Our first location is in Banten Provence where we currently are producing Patchouli Light (Pogostemon cablin) and PURE Clove Bud (Syzygium aromaticum) essential oils.  Our Clove Bud essential oil is distilled from entirely the clove bud flowers. We do not add stem or leaf into the distillation, It is more expensive to distill this way, but the oil produced is of the highest purity and quality available.

Our second location in located is in West Java in the regency of Garut. Here we produce Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oil in two different grades. Each Grade is low-pressure distilled to bring out the golden brown color and distinct earthy aroma of the roots. This is of the finest and most superior Vetiver essential oil to come from Indonesia and this oil easily rivals Vetiver from other areas of production.

Production of Vetiver from this location allows 2 tonnes per year.

All of our oils are distilled in stainless steel kettles to ensure a superior quality essential oil.

All of our oils are third-party, GC/MS tested either in Indonesia, Canada, or the US.

Essential oils in Indonesia are organic/wild harvested by the standards for organic/wild in Indonesia.


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We are currently producing Patchouli light essential oil and PURE Clove Bud at Our Banten location. Production is per order currently. *We do carry a minimum amount of reserve.

Our oils are steam distilled in stainless steel kettles with careful monitoring of temperature at the distillation location so we can protect the volatile nature of the plant material. The distillers remain on site until the process is complete.

*Produce to order starts at 2kg for Patchouli. Patchouli’s current price per kg is $99 US (plus handling and shipping).


Pogostemon cablin

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For direct inquiries via phone, please call Gary Clemens at (1) 678-427-5056, anytime from 09:00-21:00 US Eastern time. This number can also be reached through WhatsApp


Please fill out the form in entirety for more information about our company, people, production and our future plans, or if you’d like to say hello and get acquainted –  we’d love to hear your input.

All inquiries will be answered in 24 hours or less. If your request is urgent then please indicate in the questions/comments section or reach us at:

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